We Cannot Please Everyone !

First Understand this :

” yeh duniya tumhare baap ki nahin hai aur naahi tum is duniya ke thekedaar ho ”

( this world is not owned by your dad nor you’re the master of this world)

then why worry so much…?

I have wasted almost 1/3rd of my life in pleasing other’s actually by doing what other’s perceive is acceptable and appreciable. And to this day even after realizing that i cannot make everyone happy and if others have to REMAIN unhappy i really cannot be their clown forever trying to make them smile, for am not even getting PAID for that. then why the hell should i even try.

One must know that you only got this life which is at your hand , yes this life the very moment now that you are ID-10020806breathing , this is your’s its you and everything around is about you why the hell then do you waste it on others who don’t even realize a percent that you are doing it all for them and even if they know then why the hell do they let you do even more.

Stop doing this to yourself and most importantly not at the expense of your physical and mental well being, not at all.You only have this life and it will go , fade away vanish like this, the moment you stop breathing or you die of sudden death. We really don’t know when we will die, but we actually die slowly every day if we don’t do what we want to and do what others want us to do in order to please them.

Its not our job to run the world leave it to god, surrender it to him, If your boss is not happy with your work and finds you disgusting even after repeatedly trying to please him with your work , let him go to hell, stop pleasing then and there, don’t try to please, just do your work and take deep breaths and meditate .

Relax your mind and unwind a bit, make the most of what you want to do that pleases no one , not even you, do what naturally comes through that will make you just smile a while, not even laugh or happy, that will ease your muscles and nerves in the head explore the infinite free spaces that you will create , removing the clutter of this outside world and diving into your own self .

For other’s like your boss are born unhappy , you cannot do anything for them, other than your work. that’s all. And its totally not up to you or your task to change their nature or even please them with your juggling skills everyday. Because you will get tired someday you cannot innovate new skills everyday , someday you have to be yourself , your own real self that is YOU who cannot please anyone nor finds the need to do so.

So don’t let that breaking point come at all,and you need to bring yourself up to the surface with your real face and real smile soon as you realize this, in order to live happy and freely for your self and well being . Because you have just one life and you wont even remember to live fully in the next life if you think you can waste this one on others. Its simply not worth it.

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