Lose Weight Now

A Traditional Remedy i read recently about how to lose weight and extra flab.ID-10086663

  • Take about 250 grams Methi seeds ( fenugreek) , 100 grams Ajwain ( carom seeds), and 100 grams van jeera ( black cumin), roast all these and grind it into a powder then store it in air tight container. 
  • Have this powder half or a tbsp with Luke warm water before going to bed in the night. remember don’t eat anything after this for about an hour .
  • To get complete benefit take this for around 3 months you will see your body shaping and flab going away.

15 thoughts on “Lose Weight Now

    • bhumikam

      Hi thanks for your weight loss remedy. I hv started following this but want to know how this remedy actually wrk in our body to lose fat? Its Functioning n process.

      • ShilpiRajput

        Thank you for your reply and sorry for replying late, am glad you are using this remedy for weight loss. basically the ingredients used in this like methi and kala jeera are known to be very effective in reducing fat and other stomach ailments.
        For instance if we look at a particular ingredient and its benefits we shall find all 3 to be very effective in weight loss as well as for overall health . like Methi controls and slower down absorption of sugar in blood which is the main cause for weight gain and even diabetes.
        Tk cre & Regards

    • ShilpiRajput

      Hi Madhusmita,
      thank you for your response. Yes it will help improve the metabolism of your body. I would not recommend this for kids in anyways..Please try the following remedies for cough .
      1. In one teaspoon honey add few pinches of powdered black pepper (kali mirch) give it thrice a day to help relief in cough.
      2. Make regular tea, with cloves, black pepper , ginger and, tulsi leaves ..you can give this as well.
      3. If possible give warm water as much possible to loosen cough and make him gargle with salt water ( warm) ..

      have more questions ? ask me..
      thank you and take care..
      Would love to hear back on how is your kid ?

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