Okra for Diabetes, Cough & Fever

Okra or Bhindi in hindi as we know is liked by almost everyone who love to have it as a spicy vegetable or just a side dish cooked and roasted in spices. Few people know that this green lady finger or okra has many medicinal uses shared below:

1. In some states of India the seeds of okra are dried and stored in powdered form, it is given to kids as they are rich in protein and good for health.ID-10063831

2. It is also known that okra can cure impotency , men are asked to chew raw okra for treating physical weakness .

3. The most simple and much practiced remedy of control diabetes is by cutting the heads of okra and dipping them into a glass of water, and keeping it overnight and to drink this solution in the morning on empty stomach controls diabetes. Throw the leftover okra .

4. For Jaundice, Fever , cold and cough , okra comes to rescue. Take 5 lady finger’s Cut them into two halves , lemon juice half tbsp,pomegranate leaves -5 grams, Bhuiamla leaves -5 grams . Dip all of them into 1 glass of water overnight. Then in the morning make a paste of all these ingredients and take 2 times daily continuously over the period of 7 days. It helps to control jaundice and cure several other diseases.

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