Easy Remedies to Control Asthma

The modern lifestyle and pollution in air has lead to growth of many health ailments today. Which if not controlled in the beginning may become worse in the later stages of life following the routine unhealthy living habits.

There are many physical as well as mental ailments today that are of much concern which begin slowly but obtain a very bad shape in a few months , if ignored for long.Image courtesy of marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Today many people suffer from breathing problems, respiratory diseases due to lack of fresh air, allergy, almost no exercise, junk food eating habits, smoking etc and air pollution which causes diseases like asthma, intermittent breathing, and other respiratory problems. 

If we are able to identify and even start some traditional herbal remedies these problems can be tackled and even eliminated from occurring within our body.

1. Regular Intake of Amla ( Indian gooseberry) helps in keeping healthy.

2. Eating Amla with honey is more beneficial than amla alone.

3. For asthmatic people , steam of ajwain ( carom seeds )  in hot water is very beneficial in controlling asthma.

4. They can also take garlic tea .

5. Asthmatic attacks can be controlled by rubbing warm mustard oil over the chest of the patient.

6. To help getting relieve from Asthma , boil Methi ( fenugreek seeds) in  a glass of water and make a solution of it until it is 1/3rd, drink this solution it will reap results in curing asthma.

7. Boil some laung (cloves) in water and make a little thick solution by boiling it then mix honey and drink to control asthma.

8. Asthmatic patients can drink coconut water,cabbage juice, beet root juice, grapes juice it will help in curing .

9. Make juice of tulsi (basil) and Adrak (ginger) , mix it in honey and drink. It will help in controlling asthma .

10. Chew wet Methi ( fenugreek seeds) dissolved in water by adding little honey , it will help cure asthma speedily. 

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