Truth Is Natural

Do you remember when we were 6 or 10 years old or in our teenage, our mom’s applied Ubtan ( home made pack) made form Besan (gram flour) or aata ( wheat) on our face and hands so that the color of hairs on our face and hands would lighten and after washing, our skin looked fresh, glowing and we felt awesome.ID-100229536

Well now its just a story form the past .

Because today there is such a mad rush to get beautiful and fair skin that we ignore the basic knowledge of what to use and what not to use on our delicate skin.

Girls as old as 5 years today use face wash, beauty soaps and fairness creams and they keep doing it all throughout their lives, and in the process their skin becomes so hardened that it can tolerate more chemicals, bleaching agents and more harsher acids found in cosmetics. And they keep applying them unaware about its side effects.

ID-10020207We were always naturally born soft and glowing, its hard to maintain this way since we are exposed to so much in the environment. Still Have you ever seen a rose applying beauty or softness cream, it has natural beauty or have you thought that what if we never applied anything other than home made packs, our skin would have been more radiant and glowing and as soft as a babies skin.

But it comes with realization that we are all natural humans and only natural things can help us, we don’t eat plastic foods, nor chemicals then why should we apply them over our skin. Our skin is no plastic nor it is silicon. then why ?ID-100218105

Many of you would still disagree with me, thinking that, home remedies no longer work for them, how will they ?  when your skin has been conditioned to beauty creams and it only reacts when applied with those and not some simple home face packs. And because our skin is immune d to these chemicals and we can no longer do with less potent home made packs, we need some more harsher acids and chemicals to beautify our skin.

ID-100233626And it keeps happening like a series, we can barely stop the chain reaction, From birth to death i guess we are embedded in some layers of creams.

Like we use baby creams, then cold creams , then fairness creams then youth infinity creams,  then age defense creams, then rejuvenating creams and then wrinkle lifts and then age miracle creams and i don’t know what they recommend to apply at the time of death or even when dead. 🙂

Its a bitter truth but our skin is no less than a chemical peel today !

See the basic idea after all this, is to have a healthy and good looking skin that speaks for itself, it can only be done naturally where ID-100133534we use some home made packs since childhood and continue using them and make it part of our daily habit. Its never late to start.

The only secret to beauty is by being natural and using Natural substances to lock it forever.

By following some simple beauty regimes, like having a vegetarian diet, with lots of fruits and green veggies you can glow outside when your body glows from inside. Doing Yoga and ID-100209351mediation , everyday doing Surya Namaskar is the best way to get beautiful naturally as the morning rays  of the sun revitalizes your body and skin and helps it to heal naturally moreover you get blessings from God above.

Plus you can always have a beauty parlor at home, just visit your kitchen and raid it, to make beauty packs for face, hair and body. Its cheap , healthy, natural and has absolutely no side effects.

Just try once and then daily you will start feeling the change in a weeks time.

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