Kitchen Spices Remedies

Lets see some Medicinal uses of the spices that are available in every kitchen .

1.  Asafoetida ( Hing ) – Hing helps in curing toothache and Indigestion.

Image courtesy of artur84 /

Image courtesy of artur84 /

  • For Toothache apply half gram of Hing on the affected tooth to get relief in pain.
  • For Indigestion take small pinch of powdered hing with warm water .

2.  Cardamom ( Elaichi ) – Take 4-5 cardamom seeds powdered with warm water 3 times a day to get rid of Gas troubles.

3.  Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ) –  It helps in curing common Cough and Cold problems, Mix it while preparing tea , you can additionally add jaggery (gur ), Cloves (laung ), Javitri , Holy Basil Leaves ( tulsi ) in tea for relief.

4.  Clove ( Laung ) – Best remedy for Toothache and Cough

  • For Toothache apply Clove oil on the affected tooth to get immediate relief in pain and also to eliminate germs.
  • For Cough add cloves to tea for relaxing sour throat and cough.

5.  Turmeric Powder ( Haldi ) –  Mix half teaspoon of pure turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk for speedy recovery in minor accidents, etc .

6.  Cumin Seeds ( Jeera ) – It is best for Loose motions and Acidity .

  • For Loose motions take powdered jeera with tea or water 3 times a day.
  • For Acidity Eat some roasted Jeera after meals .

7.  Garlic ( Lahsun ) – Garlic has some of the most amazing effects and cures for regular problems like its regular intake in food would help in relieving from pain in Menstrual cycles, it helps digestion, and it also keeps stress and tension at bay. It also controls high blood pressure .

8. Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) – It helps in keeping heart active and healthy also it helps in regulating digestion as well as eliminates bad breath. 


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