Covid Prevention through Ayurveda Methods

Some Ayurvedic Covid / Coronavirus prevention points shared by an Indian Ayurvedic practitioner.

Dr Bina Pravin Swamy, being an Ayurvedic doctor has shared some Ayurvedic precautions which can boost immunity to fight with the Corona Virus.

According to ayurveda precaution is always better than cure.

1.Start your day with 1 glass of hot water+half lemon squeezed +half tsp haldi powder+1/4 tsp pepper powder+1/2 tsp cinnamon powder+1 inch grated ginger+honey if you want first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Lemon is good for digestion and high on Vit C
Haldi and pepper are anti bacterial, anti viral and they reduce pain or swelling and prevents allergy. Cinnamon and ginger will prevent cough.Honey itself is very nutritious.

2.Gargle with haldi and salt warm water 3-4 times a day.

3.Have warm water during day time.

4.Morning start your day with fresh amla, carrot, dudhi juice.Add 3-4 mint leaves to improve immunity .

5.Take Rasayan churna 1-1 tsp twice a day with water to build your immunity.You can buy it at any Ayurvedic shop.

6.Put 2 drops of cow’s ghee or Patanjalis Anutel or any other brand(available at any ayurvedic shop) in your nostrils to prevent any virus, bacteria from entering or infection .

7.If you have a mild cough cold, chew Jethimadh stick 2-3 times a day. You can also take Lakshmi vilas ras tablet 2-2 or yastimadhu powder 1/2 tsp mix with 1/2 tsf sitopaladi and honey.

8.If you have mild fever take sudarshan vati 2-2 2-3 times a day.If symptoms persist, take doctor’s advice.

9.Burn 8-10 sundried Kaduneem patta+2-3 cloves + camphor twice a day at home.

10.Do breathing exercises and meditation regularlarly.

11.Soak Vegatables,fruits, sprouts, lentils ,rice half an hour before cooking.

12.Avoid refrigerated food & drinks.

13.If like to have milk please add haldi and dry ginger powder.

14.Avoid raw food. Steam your veggies and salads instead.

15.Avoid outside food.Have light and nutritious home food.

16.Drink home made herbal tea in the evening .

Herbal tea Receipe
lemongrass 5-6 leaves+tulsi 4-5 leaves+pudina 4-5 leaves+1-2 pepper+1-2 clove+small pc of cinnamon+half tsp jaggery+pinch ilaichi powder.boil in one n half cups of water. make 1 cup and have it warm in the evening .

15. Do yoga & meditation.

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