Relationship: Healing Chapter

©️Aditri Rajput Shilpi

I am the Universe, the Universe is within me.

Whatever happens within me is the intention of the Universe.

I trust the Universe completely to take control of my body,mind and soul.

I surrender to the Universe, the control of my relationships with everyone around me. 

I seek guidance from the Universe to help me in absorbing the positivity and coping up with the negativity around me.

I pray to the Universe to help me with my situation in life, to heal me for the better of my family, relatives and friends and keep away or stop anything that creates turmoil within me and those around me.

I surrender to the Universe and let it take control of my relationships because I cannot.

I pray to the gods of the Universe to heal my body, my mind and my soul and the energies around me completely and help me to prosper from outside and within.

Gratitude & Surrender to the Universe 🙏

Thank you dear Aditri 🙏

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