Happiness : Healing Chapter

Happiness : Healing Chapter 

©️Aditri Rajput Shilpi

We all can find a thousand reasons to be sad but not a single thought that could make us happy because we wait for ‘the moment’ that would make us happy.

We wait for occasions, reasons & moments that will ‘Make’ us happy and hence proving our inability to create an unconditional feeling. 

The sadness you see doesn’t need a condition because the moment you’re devoid of happiness, sadness sets in.

But why do we require conditions to be happy, when we can feel sadness almost unconditionally?

Because we do not think about our blessings that remain hidden in our unconscious realms.

For Instance our heart beats unconditionally, our lungs help us breathe unconditionally, and dear God made us perfect for no reason.

 But do we feel happy about all that? 

No, because we are busy finding reasons to be happy, when we lose love and appreciation for life, given to us by the Universe.

That love hasn’t gone anywhere but remains hidden because the negative energies around you don’t want you to feel the inner happiness. 

Now it is upto you to find that reason, and let me give you a clue, how you can find happiness.

It is not that you have to be happy all the time but in your moments of sadness, pick a reason to smile and choose happiness, because you are blessed with two eyes, two hands, you can taste, smell and hear and also that the Universe is always protecting you and your existence every moment, every second. 

Let this awareness of death make you happy about life.

And be thankful and appreciate your existence to the Universe with a thank you note, not everyday but whenever you feel sad, say ‘thank you Universe’ I am Happy’.🙏💗

Thank you God Shiva🙏💗

Thank you Universe 🙏💗

Thank you Aditri Rajput Shilpi 🙏💗

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