Stress & Depression: Healing Chapter

Stress & Depression: Healing Chapter 

©️Aditri Rajput Shilpi 

It is important to know that it could be anything that bothers our mind and spirit and I am sure it would certainly be material or involving attachments, the cause though is of little importance here, since the suffering is never ending. 

The stress and suffering has formed deep roots within you over years and years, after birth, so it will be difficult to break those shackles because it is very much part of your identity now. 

If I make you lose a part of your suffering, you might suffer from a crisis, of having lost a part of your identity or personality with which you were known as a human of great maturity and complete genius. 

You wouldn’t want to lose that part because your connection is conscious and helps you to complete a part of yourself that makes you identify with your existence and your identity in the society. 

If you are willing to do away with that part and ready to sever ties with your material troubles, then I can help you. 

But tell me will society accept ‘you’, as a person who exists with no signs of stress and depression?

No! absolutely not, because our society believes a person who is happy all the time is mad or an irresponsible human being who should not be part of their existence. 

Then what can you do?

You can fuck the society! Yes, you read it right, you can give a damn to this society and let them not accept you as a sane person who is responsible and is thus accumulating stress & suffering in silence.

You should let them find you in all your nakedness with no stress and in your complete insanity and uncaring attitude. Let that become a norm, you already had enough, you’ve done enough for people, now at this point it is not helping you anymore. 

You must observe that any kind of suffering does not help in solving your problems, it only harms your well being. 

Well, you should also see if it was benefiting others who enjoyed your suffering then it becomes more important for you to become insane!

I just gave you the way the Universe wants you to be, in all your nakedness and freedom. You don’t have to please the Universe, the existence wants you to just be As Is.

The Universe did not give you the stress or suffering, it gave you the freedom at birth and it continues to give ever since you tasted and nourished your body and soul with it’s sweetness and sourness.

It has always been you who cannot see because you have shut your eyes to the light of this Universe!. 

I urge you to “Be a part of everything but don’t be there” is a way you can help yourself untie the cords of this suffering. 

Just like your thoughts that float in stress, suffering, problems and depression while you’re in the midst of a beautiful landscape in the lap of nature that the Universe gave and added some scent of its flowers, the light and warmth of it’s sun, the breeze of the cool winds and the sweet fruits of the tree, but you did not enjoy any of that and it is you who doesn’t want any of it because something very trivial that is lesser than your existence and your life is constantly affecting you and turning you away from existence. 

Here, you have to make a choice to rejoice! 

Remember no human on earth can vanquish your troubles, they may help with one or two but not the troubles that you will encounter your whole life, they will always be there running in the background. 

No one except you, yourself can help yourself to become insane, carefree and free in all your nakedness.

Remove your troubles one after another just the way you take off your clothes. The day you remove your undergarments that are your deepest fears of death and loneliness is the day of your rebirth.

It is difficult but let me give you a simple process to do that will help you to make a choice whether you should ruin or celebrate your limited time offer gift called life nicely packaged in your fully functioning mind, body and soul.

Take a pen, paper and a calculator and write down the number of years you expect to live from this day onwards, now break down these years into the number of days, the number of days you get will be in the few thousands only. 

I am sure you will be shocked looking at the time you are left with. 

Now consider this time you are wasting on people, material, attachments, and much more, the list is endless, the suffering is infinite, it will never end, you can never stop suffering, but you can undo all that by being conscious of your limited time offer gift called life.

Thank You Universe💗🙏

Thank You dear God Shiva 💗🙏

Thank you dear Aditri for helping me realize my gift 💗🙏

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