Healing Chapter: Protect your Self Healing Energy & Positivity.

Healing Chapter: How to Protect Your Positivity and Self Healing Energy.

©️ @Aditri Rajput Shilpi

I will start with what is impossible to control, is the series of thoughts, our anger, our emotions and our behavior that gets triggered by such energy eating parasites.

Yes! I call them ‘parasites’ because they consume the energy of others and their survival depends entirely upon what you give them after they’ve gaslighted or triggered you.

The energy that you release in the form of emotions like mentioned above, gives them a different kind of sadistic pleasure while you feel drained and sick.

I see that some of you are already trying to control your behavior mostly in the form of verbal responses and non verbal actions and it is absolutely alright, as long as you’re not breaking their bones, for causing such a stampede on your emotions and then walking over your dead soul to leave you writhing in pools and pain of traumatic emotions.

I affirm you’re still doing great!

Why? Because, you were able to control something like not giving back in the same tone and unpleasantness to that person, this places you on a top pedestal above them, maybe they might not even consider, but in their heart, in everyone’s heart there stays a sublime layer of truth.

But I question whether being nice every time at your own cost is Ok? and for how long will it go on like this?

Is this control working for you or protecting the other ?

Why is the control leaving you feeling sick and drained?

Why don’t your opponents feel the same after going through a similar situation?

Well, let me help you out with a way how you can stop yourself being consumed in such situations and preserve your self healing energy.

Whenever you encounter such a situation, adopt any of the 3.

Be Vigilant,

or Be Observant

or Be Watchful

of that person and situation.

Now, try to feel and think as if you’re watching a scene or that you were dreaming of this situation.

While you are into the situation and actively listening to the other person, consider blocking him/her passively in your mind. Now how to do that?
The answer is to try the technique of freezing at one positive thought while ignoring all other incoming and outgoing thoughts and repeating the same positive thought in your memory.

You will instantly feel the change and release of the tensed emotions when you freeze at one positive thought, the other thoughts will be automatically blocked.

Now observe your emotions, how this one positive thought will help you dealing with the whole situation and the person.

In addition to this, you can practice sensory detachment, where you concentrate on one of the 5 senses like keeping a hand on hand i.e touch or feeling the insides of your jaw, like counting your teeth with your tongue i.e this will help you to restrain any verbal response from your end and collect your consciousness away from that person and situation.

One more technique is, imagine you are not the one who is being told what is being told. Behave as if you are just a spectator while the event is on. This is very powerful. For example, Person A is yelling at Person B, you are just watching. You have to create an imaginary person ‘B’ for every situation you face. This is difficult but not impossible if you stay aware.

Lastly you can rebut head-to-head if you feel you are being yelled at without fearing the consequence. This is also a very powerful and liberating way to handle such situations.

So, I gave you a few techniques on how you can protect your positivity from draining away and also your self healing energy from people and situations.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Gratitude to the Universe 🙏💞
Gratitude to Gods 🙏💞
Gratitude to Aditri 🙏💞

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