BioZiny is a water based Nano Engineered Antibacterial Coating for Your Home. Coating for high tou

ch surfaces at home, hospitals, schools, trains, airplanes, malls, Supermarkets,etc

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Raw turmeric and jaggery

Take one small sized jaggery piece and sprinkle a pinch of turmeric or have a slim slice of raw turmeric root on, wrap it into bite-size ball and have once a week after breakfast for an immunity boost. Turmeric and jaggery both efficiently remove toxins from your body. This works especially well during weather changes.

Bioziny : Antimicrobial Nanoengineered Coating

Coat high touch surfaces with Nano Engineered Antimicrobial Nanofluid BIOZINY to eliminate deadly disease causing pathogens.


Learn the benefits:

*Easy to apply
*Water Based Coating
*Stays upto 3 months*
*No VOCs
*Non Carcinogenic
*No Chemicals
*No Alcohol
*No Triclosan
*Lab Tested
*USA FDA Approved ZnO
*Safe & Transparent
*Non Corrosive
*Environment Safe
*No harmful toxins

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Coriander Juice for Weight Loss

Coriander Juice for Weight Loss

It is very effective, and I am consuming it myself daily so far its been just 10 days and I am able to see the results I have lost 1 kg.

Here s the recipe how I make the coriander juice.

Boil 1 glass of water in a pan and pour it into a glass and keep aside.

Separate the coriander leaves from the stems, wash and put it in the mixer about half cup of leaves. pour some water from the glass to make it into a smooth paste. Now pour the paste into the glass of water and mix, add half cut lemon juice and pinch of rock salt or ordinary salt to this and stir.

drink like you have tea sip by sip and see your metabolism will improve, it lowers bad cholesterol and also helps in reducing sugar levels .


Massage your face daily with bare hands and fingers, if possible use the back of your toothbrush ( a new one preferably ) that has a silicone engraved bedding behind it for tongue cleaning.

Pour the face wash you use regularly over it and moisten a face a bit before making circular and large movements over your face and neck and under eye area.

Make a homemade face pack combining two tablespoons of multani mitti and lemon juice with drops of water.

Apply over face and neck and leave for 10 minutes then wash .

Drink 2 glasses of water daily on empty stomach to get clear skin.

Rub aloe gel mixed with turmeric powder before retiring to bed on alternate days and leave it overnight then wash in the morning.