Relationship: Healing Chapter

©️Aditri Rajput Shilpi

I am the Universe, the Universe is within me.

Whatever happens within me is the intention of the Universe.

I trust the Universe completely to take control of my body,mind and soul.

I surrender to the Universe, the control of my relationships with everyone around me. 

I seek guidance from the Universe to help me in absorbing the positivity and coping up with the negativity around me.

I pray to the Universe to help me with my situation in life, to heal me for the better of my family, relatives and friends and keep away or stop anything that creates turmoil within me and those around me.

I surrender to the Universe and let it take control of my relationships because I cannot.

I pray to the gods of the Universe to heal my body, my mind and my soul and the energies around me completely and help me to prosper from outside and within.

Gratitude & Surrender to the Universe 🙏

Thank you dear Aditri 🙏


I have suffered the GERD problem for a year and nothing could help much. The doctors had advised and prescribed Asthama medicines and inhaler pump since the situation was out of control.

For a year almost every night, soon after lying down, I had a terrible cough attack and it did not go away unless I vomited everything I had in dinner.

I took a few medicines but never took the asthama medicines. And kept searching for a cure in ayurveda and homeopathy.

Ayurveda remedies like eating as per vata, kapha or pitta helped and also fasting and eating early and having no water after a meal helped a lot.

But the problem did not go away completely and after my research on homeopathy I found the medicine that suited me completely and I was cured of GERD.

The name of the homeopathic medicine I will not put here, but if you’re interested to know, you can comment below or send me a personal message.

Below are some Ayurvedic solutions GERD


🌸Accuracy of Astrology🌸:

The tenth house of your Horoscope represents your interface with the outside world.

Attached is the chart of Gautama The Buddha showing five planets in the 10th house thereby making it extremely strong.

Thus his interface with the external world is infinite and as a result he doesnt have a home. (Home is our boundary with the external world).

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Feeling Lonely or Alone


I was all happy and glee after i got married and settled with my hubby separately and away from my mum’s home that always bustled with the energy of my niece and nephew, And where work began before morning and i could never exactly figure out when will i end up in bed maybe past midnight or even more.  

So suddenly i was all the more happy thinking now there’s no work and i can sleep, eat and freak at my own will but then came the loneliness, i could feel it even more because i have never been accustomed to living alone , i was always surrounded by people since school, college, work , home and i never felt like living without people was so difficult.

Because when i was living with them, all my life i felt like breaking away from them and taking sanyas and spending few years…

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Simplify Needs To Enlighten


It is completely impossible to accept or even say that body could play any helpful role in enlightenment beyond the mind. We have by far known that only the mind helps in being enlightened or being one with the universe.

By dropping or ceasing to have any thoughts and unwrapping the different layers of mind’s conscious can help in successfully being enlightened, is the fact we all have known. But could body help in enlightenment is really a debatable and quite confusing thing.

Am also researching more on this myself , as only yesterday i came up with this thought that body can play a very crucial role in helping me enlighten a bit.

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As i lay on my bed in afternoon having nothing to do , no work , no chore not even a book to read or play some game, i just…

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There’s No Heaven & Hell After Death, Its just Nothingness !


We are Humans with bodies, that breathe to live and do all other life like activities that combine together to form and enrich our existence with experiences that are embellished with a variety of  emotions like joy,happiness, pain, sorrow, love, hate etc.

The emotions decorate our moments  namely into two distinct portions of Positive Or Negative experiences of which we largely hold onto remembering them or segregating them into much more variants of emotional experiences of our lives.

I believe to experience anything in life we need to be alive and  live in the moment, which means to Exist , to see it to believe it , for this we require our bodies,to experience,record and register those moments and then to re frame them and label them with emotions that we have during those moments .

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Here it is very important to acknowledge the fact…

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