Kitchen Spices Remedies

Lets see some Medicinal uses of the spices that are available in every kitchen .

1.  Asafoetida ( Hing ) – Hing helps in curing toothache and Indigestion.

Image courtesy of artur84 /

Image courtesy of artur84 /

  • For Toothache apply half gram of Hing on the affected tooth to get relief in pain.
  • For Indigestion take small pinch of powdered hing with warm water .

2.  Cardamom ( Elaichi ) – Take 4-5 cardamom seeds powdered with warm water 3 times a day to get rid of Gas troubles.

3.  Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ) –  It helps in curing common Cough and Cold problems, Mix it while preparing tea , you can additionally add jaggery (gur ), Cloves (laung ), Javitri , Holy Basil Leaves ( tulsi ) in tea for relief.

4.  Clove ( Laung ) – Best remedy for Toothache and Cough

  • For Toothache apply Clove oil on the affected tooth to get immediate relief in pain and also to eliminate germs.
  • For Cough add cloves to tea for relaxing sour throat and cough.

5.  Turmeric Powder ( Haldi ) –  Mix half teaspoon of pure turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk for speedy recovery in minor accidents, etc .

6.  Cumin Seeds ( Jeera ) – It is best for Loose motions and Acidity .

  • For Loose motions take powdered jeera with tea or water 3 times a day.
  • For Acidity Eat some roasted Jeera after meals .

7.  Garlic ( Lahsun ) – Garlic has some of the most amazing effects and cures for regular problems like its regular intake in food would help in relieving from pain in Menstrual cycles, it helps digestion, and it also keeps stress and tension at bay. It also controls high blood pressure .

8. Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) – It helps in keeping heart active and healthy also it helps in regulating digestion as well as eliminates bad breath. 


Hing Remedies

Hing or Asafoetida is an amazing spice found in almost every Household . Apart from its taste enhancing qualities it also has many mind blowing health remedies like :

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Image courtesy of photostock /

1. If you have  germs in the tooth, apply some hing and keep it between the affected teeth overnight and gargle in the morning, the tooth pain will ease and even the germs causing tooth decay will be out.

2. If you have been pricked by a small thorn that is stuck inside any part of your body , then mix some hing in water and apply that solution over the affected area, the thorn will come out easily.

3. For any kind of Skin related diseases like pimples, acne, itches, rashes etc , then apply hing mixed in water over that area to get immediate relief.

4. For Constipation , mix hing with sweet soda during the night to get relief in constipation and digestion problems.

5. Mix Hing with Ajwain (carom seeds) and rock salt to get immediate relief in stomach aches, constipation, gas, acidity and other stomach related problems.

6. For Worms in stomach , mix Hing with water and take enema to get all the stomach worms out .

7. For Disinfecting open wounds sprinkle some hing powder over them.

8. Using Hing in everyday food helps in better Digestion.

Clove & Cardamom Cure


  1. Vomiting – Roast Cardamom with its peel till it becomes ash , then mix this ash in honey and lick to stop vomiting.
  2. Overall Health – Grind Cardamom,Dry Ginger powder (saunth), Black pepper seeds  (kalimirch) and Dalchini and put this while making tea to make it more tastier and good for health.ID-100149022
  3. Toothache – Put Clove oil on a cotton swab and put in inside the tooth that is aching to get relief from pain.
  4. Headache – Mix Clove oil in coconut oil and massage over head to get relief in headache.
  5. Strong Teeth – Grind cardamom, saunf, clove, and dry coconut and put the mixture in mouth to make mouth fresh and teeth stronger.
  6. Acidity & Gas – Mix cardamom, ginger and fennel seeds in equal quantities and add one teaspoon of this mixture in a cup of water and put a pinch of asafoetida ( hing )in it. Take this infusion to get rid of abdominal gas.
  7. Sore Throat – Gargle with mix of cinnamon and cardamom helps in the treatment of Sore Throat.
  8. Cough & Cold – Inhaling cardamom essential oil using a steamer can reduce cough and cold.

Neem is Life

The one tree which can be used from its roots to shoots is Neem Tree or Azadirachta Indica .

The Neem is used in many Ayurveda remedies and also very popular in medical science to cure ailments .

1. Acidity – Use some bark of Neem , Saunth ( Ginger Powder), Kalimirch (black pepper seeds) , grind all into a fine powder and take 5 grams of this powder daily with fresh water  to cure acidity.ID-100203309

2. Burns –  Applying Neem oil over the burned area reduces the chances of boils from appearing over the burned skin, and even cures it soon.

3. Dysentery – Sun Dry Neem leaves, fruit, and flowers , and then make all into a powder form by grinding it .Now take 3 grams of powder day and night to stop dysentery.

4. Skin Problems – Use Bark of Neem ,Ficus religiosa tree bark ( peepal tree bark ) , Indian Tinospora ( Giloy) and Indian Madder ( Manjistha ), take 10-10 grams each of these and make a syrup by boiling them till water is 1/4th  in the pan. Now take this syrup thrice a day and also apply neem oil on the affected area to get immediate relief from any kind of skin problems.

5. Constipation – Make syrup of Neem leaves and mix sugar in this, take a teaspoon of this syrup after meals  to get rid of constipation.

6. Baldness – Apply Neem Oil regularly on scalp to regrow hair and even stop hair fall.

7. Prickly heat / Rashes – Apply Neem oil all over body and massage regularly , after few days the rashes will fall off .

8. Acne – Grind  Neem seed in vinegar and apply on acne . After some days they will dry up and clear .

9. Loose Motion  – Drink syrup made from neem bark , it will stop loose motions immediately .

10. Hemorrhoids – Have powder of Neem bark mixed with Gur ( Indian jaggery ) to get relief in hemorrhoids.

Java Plum / Jamun Remedies

Jambul, java plum or jamun is known to be the best fruit for curing Diabetes. It has got some really great health benefits .

1. Eating jamun regularly purifies blood and is also good for skin.Ripe_jamun_fruits

2.  Drinking jamun  juice provides immediate relief to body and provides freshness.

3. Eating jamun helps cure headache during summers.

4. Having jamun helps recover from jaundice.

5. For sleep disorders or insomnia , mix some drops of onion juice in jamun juice and drink .

6. If kids have worms in stomach then jamun is very beneficial to remove worms , grind blackberry seeds and give them with water to kids to eliminate stomach worms.

7. For curing stammering and stuttering, regular intake of jamun proves very beneficial.

8. For Curing Acidity Mix some rock salt in jamun juice and drink.

9. For any kind of Skin problems just grind jamun seeds and apply over the face to have fresh and soft skin.

10. Drinking jamun juice cures body weakness and assures immunity from any kind of diseases.

Banana Benefits

Banana is one fruit which is liked by everyone, apart from being sweet and tasty it has got many health benefits and can be used in curing a variety of health diseases.

1. Heart Pain – Mash 2 banana’s with 5 tablespoon of honey , eat this slowly to do away with heart pain.

2. Urinary Problems – Mix small amount of Ghee or Butter in banana stem juice , lick this solution with spoon or fingers , it will help in passing urine easily .

3. White Discharge –  Eat 2 banana’s and drink 250 grams of milk after that lick 2 teaspoon of honey, continue this for sometime to stop white discharge forever.ID-10092440

4. Acidity – Mix powder of two cardamons in 2 banana’s and eat them regularly to cure acidity. 

5. Stomach Problems – Eat Banana everyday to make stomach and digestion more smooth .

6. Injuries – Mix banana with wheat flour and cover the wound with this spread , it will heal immediately.

7. Skin Problems – Mix some lemon juice with banana and apply this paste over the affected area to cure skin problems.

8. Swelling – Eating banana helps recover body from any kind of internal or external  swelling .

9 . Induces Growth of Sperms – Eating 4 to 5 banana makes body healthy and even induces the growth of sperms in males.

Carrot Cure

So many Nutrients like  protein, vitamin , fat, carbohydrates, thiamine, calcium , phosphorus , and potassium are found in Carrots. Apart from this Carrots are found to have Carotene that is good for health .

Carrots are available everywhere on this planet and has many medicinal cures if combined with other useful ingredients that are present in your kitchen.

1. Digestion – Chew and Eat Carrots before and after meals to help in better digestion.ID-100223

2. Acidity – Mix lemon juice , 2 tablespoon honey in 1 cup Carrot juice and take it in the morning to get relief from acidity.

3. Lose Motion – Mix roasted Cumin seeds ( jeera ) and Dry ginger powder ( saunth ) in 1 cup fresh carrot juice to stop lose motion.

4. Jaundice – Take 100 grams carrot juice, 100 grams spinach juice, and 100 grams orange juice . Mix all of them and take 2 to 4 times a day till 8 days to cure jaundice.

5. Nose Bleeding – Take 1 teaspoon  Amla juice ( Indian gooseberry ) and 2 teaspoon panic um juice ( dub ka ras ) in 100 grams of carrot juice . Take this morning and in evening to help relive nose bleeding.

Holy Basil Remedies


The holy basil has many home cures, regular intake of holy basil helps in getting relief from many ailments.

  1. The holy basil juice if mixed with salt helps in bringing back a person to consciousness.ID-10092099
  2. Adding few leaves of holy basil leaves while preparing tea helps in relieving from small ailments cold, fever and muscle pain.
  3. Having 10 grams of holy basil juice mixed in 5 grams of honey relieves of hiccups.
  4. Mix rock salt and saunth ( dry Ginger Powder ) in holy basil juice to get relief in acidity.
  5. Chewing some holy basil leaves after lunch helps and improves digestion.
  6. To improve digestion mix 10 grams of holy basil juice, 5 grams honey and 5 finely grind black pepper seeds.
  7.  Chewing 5 holy basil leaves with water in the morning helps improve immunity and even improves memory.
  8. Putting few drops of hot holy basil juice in ear holes helps in relieving ear pain.
  9. To get relief in cough chew some roasted 4 or 5 cloves with holy basil leaves and take down its juice while chewing it slowly.
  10. Drinking holy basil juice with sugar helps in relieving of chest pain and cough.
  11. Massaging holy basil juice over skin helps in curing problems like eczema, itches and other skin problems.
  12. Adding Holy basil leaves in water can helps in purifying the water.

Sweet Honey Home Remedies

Honey is the most sweetest and tastiest natural liquid we’ve all had . Besides its sweetness and taste enhancing qualities it has got tremendous health and beauty benefits.

1. Cough – Mix Honey with Ginger juice to get relief in cough and colds.

2. Jaundice – Mix honey in ripe mango juice to get benefit in  jaundice.

3. Diabetes – People or kids who cannot take sugar can have honey as a substitute.

4. Vomiting – Mix Honey in Mint leaves juice to stop vomiting.

5. Good digestion and Intestine – Having honey everyday would help strengthen intestines and the digestive system.

6. Worms & Infection – Mix honey with Onion juice in equal proportions, lick this solution to cleanse stomach and intestines.

7. Heart Health– Mix Lemon juice with honey in a glass of water before sleeping , this will give strength to heart.

8. Dry Cough – mix Lemon juice and honey in equal amount and take for getting relief in dry cough.

9. Breathing Problems – Take ginger and honey in equal amounts to do away with breathing problems and even hiccups.

10. Acidity – Mix tomato or Orange juice in honey to get relief in stomach problems like acidity, gas etc.

Saunf : Fennel Seeds

Saunf or Fennel seeds, those green in color taken after meals for better digestion has many remedial uses.

1. Many uses – It can be taken after meals with crystallized sugar for better digestion, good memory, better eyesight, and even keeps a check on cholesterol.

2.Stomach Ache – Roast some saunf and eat them, it will relieve you of stomach pain.

3. Digestion – Eating Saunf will help improve the strength of liver and improves the process of digestion.

4. Acid Re flux – Boil saunf in a glass of water and drink it with crystallized sugar

5. Bad Breath – Eating saunf will help in eliminating bad breath.

6. Acidity – Mix saunf with milk and Gulkand (Potpourri ) . Have this to cure acidity.

7. Skin Problems – Eating saunf daily after meal helps in tackling skin problems and even giving natural radiance to skin.

8. Avoids Cancer – It is known that saunf is a great spice ingredient that helps avoiding cancer and even curing it in Ayurveda