Just Do It Every Night

We consume a lot of things about which we have no knowledge and even about their quality or value as we intake them in our daily diet. There are plenty of things in our own kitchen which have the power to take out and even eliminate certain diseases of our body and help us in having good health. With a few tips here you can easily dominate over certain illnesses that may be worrying you for long:

1. Lower the Cholesterol  Every night soak green coriander in water and drink this water in the morning and also chew theID-10051266

green coriander leaves . By doing this you can easily lower your cholesterol.


2. Relief from Acidity –  Take a clove and Chew it so that the juices are released from chewing, keep it in the mouth for sometime. the juices will immediately lower acid re flux and give you some relief from acidity

3. Regulating Blood pressure – If you have high blood pressure then every morning chew two garlic cloves with water .ID-100124480

take this thrice a week to have normal blood pressure.


4. Control Diabetes –  Black plum , Java Plum or Jamun’s seeds are best and the most effective remedy in    treating diabetes . For this Clean the Jamun seeds and let them dry under sun for a few days , then make a  powder of these seeds by grinding them in a mixer . Take 1 tablespoon of this powder everyday with water .  This remedy will help in regulating diabetes.