The Miracle Bud Facial

Hi Everyone

Am back after a long break but not completely back here because i just became mommy to a beautiful baby girl .

Since my baby needs me all the time i shall try to find gaps and keep posting the miracles of nature for health and beauty .

During my pregnancy and post delivery ive not been able to have any beauty treatment for face or body and not even threading of my eyebrows . My skin has become rough and dry post delivery and its now been a month since it has been like this. i still have no time to relax or get a facial professionally done to heal my dull skin so yesterday i took it on my own to make it look at least nice.

I looked for cotton and some moisturizing cream  but then i saw john sons ear buds and thought it has cotton over it why not try massaging my face with these buds.

I poured out a generous amount of moisturizing cream and took two ear buds , dipped one end of ear bud in it and started massaging my face with it, and it was working great , it seemed as if i was getting a good beauty massage treatment at my home , the buds rubbed deeply penetrated the moisturizing  cream into my pores while i constantly kept rubbing it soaking it into more and more moisturizing cream .

I kept changing the sides of ear bud and then took two in both hands and massaged both sides of my face and neck.

After massaging for about 15 minutes since my baby was asleep i wiped my face with wet towel and then washed it slightly  to remove excessive cream. At first it looked all pink and red but after few minutes it brightened and looked as fresh as parlor cleanup.

It was an amazing discovery i never believed that ear buds could be so miraculous actually the pointed cotton swabs works like fingers on your face rejuvenating and increasing the blood circulation in face and neck.

It really helped me look good and radiant. I hope you too must try this easy to do home facial.

Mother : How You Manage Your’s and Self

Happy Women’s Day


It doesn’t matter where satisfaction, pleasure and spirituality comes from, by doing anything that gives you inner peace and a reflection into the thoughts that make you do good and create good for self or the others is the best thing in the world.

Be it anything from cleaning the floor , digging hands into cow dung, writing a blog, listening songs, dancing , cooking, babbling with a baby or just  looking at the coconut trees.

Whatever can be done in free time that creates peace is something worth considering , not everyone will or can observe that when you do anything like the above or other than that you actually have the courage and ability to be on the right track, not interfering or troubling the others in order to keep you good , you yourself have the innate capacity to manage yourself and your peace.

Isn’t it a…

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After all Its Not Necessary !

Yesterday I asked this question to myself ID-100220506

Is this all really Necessary ? 

To get a job, to get enrolled for some course, to save money to buy house , to achieve something in life, to make more money, to have a baby as soon as possible , to have big dreams like buying a yacht and a penthouse and doing something in life that is remarkable and something that would make people around me say WOW , and then seeing their expression would make me happy, happy as in real happy i guess.

Its clear, Is this all really necessary , i mean we only do certain things to feel happy and proud only when others are there to see them around who would cheer us, greet us , congratulate us, and work for us or just please us. Isn’t this true !

Imagine there is only you on this planet or some island living alone, would you still work hard to get more money, more success and more power when no one’s there to assess your assets or achievements you create.

There is really no need then is seems just not necessary , i feel your daily bread and sunlight is more than enough to sustain you and make you happy and bloom inside with bliss.

There is absolutely no need to work hard to run madly for money or  fame, when you can sit, because you have to learn to just “Flow and  keep doing what you are doing now”

When you acknowledge this you see a sudden change in you and surrounding  because we don’t stop we just go and keep doing what ID-10021450 we do daily, we stop to run  we just walk so there’s no hurry , we can enjoy life in  all its dimensions . Things  that you thought of before would naturally fall into  places and there will be no  running, and one day you will find it was not all  important even to run after those things you thought would bring joy to you.

The life and in between is all a journey that needs to be felt , not ruined in running  after things and sitting in office for hours and hours to get more money. The goal  of life is to End ultimately , so why pain yourself when things you collect can no  longer go with you, nor you will know what you did or created .

By far death is the only means to be one with the universe, and when the objective is to be one with the universe why so much hustle , pain and suffering which is largely not present but created .

To be Awake and Aware about knowing the importance of life and knowing what is needed and what is not needed is in itself an achievement marked forever.

And the one who knows it would become Happy, Here and Now in this present moment where nothing is needed at all.