Sesame Seed Oil Remedies

The sesame seed oil helps in curing many ailments :

Image courtesy of jone500 /

Image courtesy of jone500 /

1. Pyorrhea – Keep the sesame seed oil in mouth for 10 minutes , then throw , this will not only help in curing pyorrhea but also

strengthening teeth and gums.

2. Obesity – Massage full body with warm sesame oil for over a month to see the difference in your body.

3. Skin Rash – Apply sesame seed oil over the affected area for immediate relief.

4. Cracked Heels – Make a solution of wax, rock salt and sesame oil , then massage over the cracked heels to make them soft and healed.

5. Burns – Apply Warm sesame seed oil over burnt area to heal the it effectively.

6. Wounds –  Apply bandage soaked in sesame oil and tie it around the wound for curing .

Potato Remedies

1. It helps in curing Blood related disorders.


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2. It helps in curing swelling caused by certain injuries.

3. It helps in curing burns, wrinkles, freckles of skin.

4. Roasted potato helps in curing the disorders of stomach and intestine.

5. Potato has potassium salts in it that helps in curing heartburn.

6. Heat 4 potato’s , peel them and eat with little salt and red chilly powder , it helps in curing gout.

7. It helps in balancing Blood Pressure levels.

8. Eating potato regularly helps in easy removal of renal stones.

Neem is Life

The one tree which can be used from its roots to shoots is Neem Tree or Azadirachta Indica .

The Neem is used in many Ayurveda remedies and also very popular in medical science to cure ailments .

1. Acidity – Use some bark of Neem , Saunth ( Ginger Powder), Kalimirch (black pepper seeds) , grind all into a fine powder and take 5 grams of this powder daily with fresh water  to cure acidity.ID-100203309

2. Burns –  Applying Neem oil over the burned area reduces the chances of boils from appearing over the burned skin, and even cures it soon.

3. Dysentery – Sun Dry Neem leaves, fruit, and flowers , and then make all into a powder form by grinding it .Now take 3 grams of powder day and night to stop dysentery.

4. Skin Problems – Use Bark of Neem ,Ficus religiosa tree bark ( peepal tree bark ) , Indian Tinospora ( Giloy) and Indian Madder ( Manjistha ), take 10-10 grams each of these and make a syrup by boiling them till water is 1/4th  in the pan. Now take this syrup thrice a day and also apply neem oil on the affected area to get immediate relief from any kind of skin problems.

5. Constipation – Make syrup of Neem leaves and mix sugar in this, take a teaspoon of this syrup after meals  to get rid of constipation.

6. Baldness – Apply Neem Oil regularly on scalp to regrow hair and even stop hair fall.

7. Prickly heat / Rashes – Apply Neem oil all over body and massage regularly , after few days the rashes will fall off .

8. Acne – Grind  Neem seed in vinegar and apply on acne . After some days they will dry up and clear .

9. Loose Motion  – Drink syrup made from neem bark , it will stop loose motions immediately .

10. Hemorrhoids – Have powder of Neem bark mixed with Gur ( Indian jaggery ) to get relief in hemorrhoids.

Banana : Health Benefits

Banana is one fruit which is available almost in all seasons, very healthy , cheap and moreover good in taste.

Banana has many qualities which includes many remedial and health benefits as discussed below :Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

1. Regular intake of banana helps in eliminating lack of sleep , acidity and even if you have problems like itching or burning sensation while urinating.

2. People who feel mentally disturbed lack serotonin hormone, banana helps in completing this lack of serotonin hormone and thereby improving mental health.

3. Banana helps in improving and increasing kids weight and health, if given with milk it adds more value.

4. Banana helps cure stomach ulcers and is the only fruit that can be given to the people who have stomach ulcers.

5. It even helps in curing mouth ulcers. Mix a banana in half cup cow’s milk and add cardamom powder to this. Lick this 2 to 3 times in a day. it will help cure mouth ulcers.

6. It even helps in curing itching , burns boils and skin problems pertaining to eczema disease. For this Use and Ripe banana mix it with lemon juice and apply on the effected area.

7. You can also apply Banana face pack to get that smooth , soft and glowing skin.