Happy MahaShivratri

Happy Mahashivratri


I immensely love everything about shiv ji ,festivals of shivji ,all the vrat puja for shivji. Today being the great Mahashivratri festival, i have kept my fast and worship shiv baba.

Maha Shivratri is the festival celebrated every year in the reverence of Lord Shiva. Shivratri means the great night of shiv ji, or the night of shiv baba. It is celebrated every year on the 13th or 14th day of Maagha or Phalguna month of the hindu calender. The festival is obseved by offering bel patra (Bilva/vilvam leaves),  bers, fruits, milk to shiv ji and observing  fast all day and chanting the Panchakshara mantra ie Om Namah Shivaya . the five holy syllables of this mantra are Na- Mah- Shi- Va- ya , that are panchakshra.

Below is the katha for mahashivratri vrat.

हर हर महादेव

महाशिवरात्रि की व्रत-कथा

एक बार पार्वती ने भगवान शिवशंकर से पूछा, ‘ऐसा कौन सा श्रेष्ठ तथा…

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