For cough & cold

For cough & Cold

Take 5 or 6 cloves (laung,lavang) Dry roast it on Tawa on medium to high flame till it becomes grayish black. Keep them aside and grind it into a fine powder using mortar & pestle or with a belan (rolling pin)
Mix a pinch of powder in a teaspoon of honey and have in cough or cold.
Wrap around a warm stole or cloth lightly around your neck before going to bed for sleep.

Berberry Or Daruhaldi

Turmeric is one of the many Spices we have known since ages , is used in cooking food as well as medicinal and beauty purposes.

The most effective kind is Berberry or Daruhaldi / Hemkant , which has great medicinal value and has been explained in Ayurveda.

The use if daruhaldi is done by first making its juice by taking root of daruhaldi and cutting it into pieces then boiling it in water approximately 16 times more than daruhaldi pieces, boil it till the time the water is left one fourth . Sieve it and keep the water aside, now boil this left over water till it becomes very hard and attains a shape , spread this in the sun to dry. The dried daruhaldi is called Rasaunj .

1. Injuries & Swelling –   Apply paste of Berberry turmeric (dauhaldi ) on the injury /wound or swelling to get immediate relief from pain and heal it.

2. Ear Pain – Put one drop of Daruhaldi rasaunj mixed with rose water in ears to get relief from ear pain.

3. Infection – Infection caused by Injuries are immediately healed and the infection is stopped from spreading in body by applying the paste of Daruhaldi rasaunj.

4. Soar Throat – Gargle with daruhaldi rasaunj to get relief from sore throat.

5. Dry Cough – Make powder of daruhaldi and take with water to get relief in dry cough.

6. Stomach Problems –  It helps in curing all kind of stomach ache and disorders, digestive problems by taking some rasaunj .

Holy Basil Remedies


The holy basil has many home cures, regular intake of holy basil helps in getting relief from many ailments.

  1. The holy basil juice if mixed with salt helps in bringing back a person to consciousness.ID-10092099
  2. Adding few leaves of holy basil leaves while preparing tea helps in relieving from small ailments cold, fever and muscle pain.
  3. Having 10 grams of holy basil juice mixed in 5 grams of honey relieves of hiccups.
  4. Mix rock salt and saunth ( dry Ginger Powder ) in holy basil juice to get relief in acidity.
  5. Chewing some holy basil leaves after lunch helps and improves digestion.
  6. To improve digestion mix 10 grams of holy basil juice, 5 grams honey and 5 finely grind black pepper seeds.
  7.  Chewing 5 holy basil leaves with water in the morning helps improve immunity and even improves memory.
  8. Putting few drops of hot holy basil juice in ear holes helps in relieving ear pain.
  9. To get relief in cough chew some roasted 4 or 5 cloves with holy basil leaves and take down its juice while chewing it slowly.
  10. Drinking holy basil juice with sugar helps in relieving of chest pain and cough.
  11. Massaging holy basil juice over skin helps in curing problems like eczema, itches and other skin problems.
  12. Adding Holy basil leaves in water can helps in purifying the water.

Guava Health Remedies

Nature has provided us with all sorts of fruits and vegetables as food for good health. But if we knew about their secret Ayurvedic medicinal uses for treating certain diseases, it could prove even more beneficial, and then we can avoid using medicines that have certain side effects.

One such fruit is Guava that is full of energy and health.

1. Energy – Cook 50 grams of guava pulp, mix it with 10 grams of honey and eat this in parts everyday to get energy and freshness.ID-10070809

2. Digestion & Depression – Eating one guava after meal everyday would help in proper digestion of food and even help in checking irritability and depression.

3. Dry Cough – Take 10 grams guava juice with 5 grams of honey and mix it well with a spoon , now take this solution on empty stomach in morning and evening to eliminate dry cough.

4. Heart Problems – Eat guava chutney or guava jam after meal till 3 months , this will help in curing heart related problems .

5. Tooth Ache – Take 20 – 25 leaves of guava tree , boil them in water, separate the leaves and cool the water , add some Alum in this ( fitkari ), now gargle with this solution to stop tooth ache.

6. Headache – Rub a raw guava ( unripe) over stone, and apply the paste over your forehead till one week, it will help in ending headaches.

Sweet Honey Home Remedies

Honey is the most sweetest and tastiest natural liquid we’ve all had . Besides its sweetness and taste enhancing qualities it has got tremendous health and beauty benefits.

1. Cough – Mix Honey with Ginger juice to get relief in cough and colds.

2. Jaundice – Mix honey in ripe mango juice to get benefit in  jaundice.

3. Diabetes – People or kids who cannot take sugar can have honey as a substitute.

4. Vomiting – Mix Honey in Mint leaves juice to stop vomiting.

5. Good digestion and Intestine – Having honey everyday would help strengthen intestines and the digestive system.

6. Worms & Infection – Mix honey with Onion juice in equal proportions, lick this solution to cleanse stomach and intestines.

7. Heart Health– Mix Lemon juice with honey in a glass of water before sleeping , this will give strength to heart.

8. Dry Cough – mix Lemon juice and honey in equal amount and take for getting relief in dry cough.

9. Breathing Problems – Take ginger and honey in equal amounts to do away with breathing problems and even hiccups.

10. Acidity – Mix tomato or Orange juice in honey to get relief in stomach problems like acidity, gas etc.