Erectile Dysfunction/ Impotency Ayurveda Remedies

Ayurveda has a cure for almost every illness, disease or body mind dysfunction.

Today we talk about the not routinely discussed issues of men who suffer alone and slip inti depression due to their sexual discomforts.

Ayurveda has a remedy for everything but it not a magic wand, one has to be consistent and practice yoga and meditation along with such remedies if looking for a complete cure.

The following herbs may help with erectile dysfunction and impotency issues.

  • Pomegranate juice: Pomegranate juice works perfectly like Viagra, it is 100 percent natural so there is no chance of any kind of side effects. Being rich in antioxidants it helps to enhance blood flow through your genital area.

  • Ginseng: Korean red ginseng has long been used to stimulate male sexual function. Ginsenoside found in ginseng acts on the body the same way as Viagra. The herb has shown significant improvement in achieving and maintaining an erection.

  • Ashwagandha is an effective herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. It can help restore sexual health, and was mentioned in the ancient “Kama Sutra” as an herb that heightened sexual experiences.

  • Drumsticks: According to a study, drumsticks have shown significant improvement in men’s sexual vigour.

  • Jeera: Loaded with zinc and potassium, jeera (cumin) improves your performance in bed by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organ.

    Stress & depression is also one of the major causes of impotence and erectile dysfunction. For any such issues kindly visit this blog onaami to seek answers related to depression and suffering. You can ask questions too.😊

Impotency Cure

The modernization of man and machines has not only been a blessing upon humans but a curse too, where it take’s out the life from people who keep running madly after materialistic things and in the process drain their bodies and souls.

Such has been the effects of  modern day lifestyle where machines occupy our brains and body , slowly and slowly poisoning it with harmful radiations, vibrations , and waves etc that lead to many hazardous diseases like cancer, tumor, mental disorders and even impotency .

Image courtesy of photostock /
Image courtesy of photostock /

Impotency today is found out to be the most prevalent effect of modern lifestyle where its cure is often forgotten and people keep living their live’s in disharmony and disguise.

It is nothing to be ashamed or feared of where people find it hard to visit doctors , its perfectly normal illness and has many cures . Among the cures the most effective are Ayurvedic and natural cures which you may find below :

The basic remedy is found in Babul or Kikar tree  which is known as Vachellia nilotica (widely known by the taxonomic synonym Acacia nilotica, or the common names gum arabic tree,Babul/Kikar,

1. Take raw bean of babul or kikar , sun dry it, then mix it with crystallized sugar (mishri ) and eat it to cure impotency.

2. Take 10 grams soft  green babul tree leaves, mix it with 10 grams of crystallized sugar (mishri ), grind them together and take it with water to increase sperm count.

3. Roast 100 grams babul/kikar tree gum and grind it into a powder base. In this mix 50 grams ashwagandha (asgandh). Take this powder solution 5 grams in morning and 5 grams in evening with warm milk to cure impotency related problems.

4. Take 50 grams of kikar/babul leaves, and sun dry them , now grind it into a powder form and sieve it , then mix 100 grams of sugar in this and store. take this powder 10 grams each in morning and evening with milk.

5. Fry the gum of babul tree in  fresh ghee . Eat this to cure impotency and sperm related disorders.

Healthful of Clove

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Medicinal uses of Clove .

1. Dental Care: The essential oil in cloves has been in therapeutic use in dentistry as a local-anesthetic and antiseptic as it provides relief from toothache by fighting gum infections. You can temporarily get relief from the pain by dabbing a little clove oil on a cotton ball and placing it on the sore tooth or on your gums.

2. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels: The essential oil also has been found to help prevent adult onset diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

3. Aids the Digestive Systems: Clove oil is used for its warming and stimulating effects to help relax and alleviate symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion and stomach aches.

4. Kills Intestinal Worms:  Cloves are used (for their natural anti-parasitic action) to remove intestinal worms.

5. Diffuses Feeling of Nausea and Morning Sickness: Cloves and clove oil when taken together can provide relief from Nausea, morning sickness, vomiting and diarrhea.

6. Relieves Upper Respiratory Infections: Ayurveda suggests drinking a lukewarm mixture made with ten drops of clove oil and honey that act as an expectorant making it easier to cough up phlegm to treat coughs, colds, sinusitis, flu and asthma.

7. Natural Pain Killers : Cloves are natural painkillers and their anti bacterial effect helps you get rid of that sore throat.

8. Impotency : Since ages, Clove has been considered in curing impotence, preventing premature ejaculation and relieving vaginal discharges. 

9. Stress Buster: A flavored tea of cloves with basil, mint, cardamom and honey in water helps soothe the senses and relieves stress and muscle spasms in the body. Clove essential oils’ fragrance eliminates exhaustion and fatigue related thoughts and insomnia.

10. Heals Acne and Warts: Clove oil’s strong antimicrobial properties help treat skin problems like acne and warts.

11. Prevents Bad Breath: Chewing Cloves  is considered a good practice after a meal to prevent bad breath.

Okra for Diabetes, Cough & Fever

Okra or Bhindi in hindi as we know is liked by almost everyone who love to have it as a spicy vegetable or just a side dish cooked and roasted in spices. Few people know that this green lady finger or okra has many medicinal uses shared below:

1. In some states of India the seeds of okra are dried and stored in powdered form, it is given to kids as they are rich in protein and good for health.ID-10063831

2. It is also known that okra can cure impotency , men are asked to chew raw okra for treating physical weakness .

3. The most simple and much practiced remedy of control diabetes is by cutting the heads of okra and dipping them into a glass of water, and keeping it overnight and to drink this solution in the morning on empty stomach controls diabetes. Throw the leftover okra .

4. For Jaundice, Fever , cold and cough , okra comes to rescue. Take 5 lady finger’s Cut them into two halves , lemon juice half tbsp,pomegranate leaves -5 grams, Bhuiamla leaves -5 grams . Dip all of them into 1 glass of water overnight. Then in the morning make a paste of all these ingredients and take 2 times daily continuously over the period of 7 days. It helps to control jaundice and cure several other diseases.