Hair Fall Remedies

Hair Fall Remedies

1.Curd – Take 1 litre of curd, keep this Curd in a Bronze (tambha) utensil for 2-3 days, this curd will turn green, now apply this onto hair and keep it for an hour and then wash . You can repeat this 3-4 times a month. It is the best conditioner for hair.

2. Shikakai –  Use Shikakai powder to wash your hair, just mix 1 teaspoon shikakai powder in 50 ml of water and keep it for 10-15 minutes, and then apply it on your hair nicely and then wait for around 5 minutes then wash your hair.

3. Massage with Olive, Coconut or mustard oil –  Massage promotes good circulation in the scalp, to keep your hair follicles active. Massage your scalp daily by hand for a couple of minutes. To enhance the massage, use a few drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond, or sesame oil base on your scalp.

4. Garlic Juice – Apply garlic juice to the scalp area where hair loss is maximum to prevent further hair loss.

5. Fenugreek (methi) seeds-  soak and grind one cup of fenugreek (Indian methi seeds) with sufficient water to make a paste, Apply to the scalp and massage it lightly. Leave it for half an hour. Rinse out with cold water.

Natural Skin Bleach’s

There are many natural ingredients which have bleaching properties and their regular use can not only lighten spots, and also make skin look more radiant.


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1.Grate a potato after peeling its skin. Now add some rose water to it and beat it to make a paste. You can add some drops of lemon juice or honey if you have oily or dry skin . Apply it on your face for 15 minutes and wash .

2. Mash a ripe tomato and pass it through a sieve to strain out the seeds. Add some curd to it and mix well. Apply the pack on your face evenly and then leave it to dry. Then wash it off with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry.

3. Peel a cucumber and then grate it. Now squeeze it to take out its juice. Mix some aloevera gel in it and then apply this pack on your face.

4. Let the peel of orange dry and then grind it to make powder. Now add some rose water and honey to it and then apply it on your face. After it dries, wash with plain water.

5. Squeeze a lemon and apply its juice directly on the skin or even add other natural ingredients such as glycerin or honey or curd to make it slightly less acidic.

6. Mash some Black grapes and sun dry the pulp after taking out its juice squeezing it to maximum. then grind this to make it into a powder . Add Fresh milk cream to this and rub over your face massaging lightly . then wash to see the glowing skin.

Healthful Mornings

We often forget about taking care of our health and happiness , running after work and busy schedules every day. Moreover we don’t have much time to take care of what we eat daily, i mean if there’s enough nutrients in the food or not.

Still we can do something about it if we begin early in the morning by following these simple yet effective home remedies to get back those vital nutrients in the body.

1. Green tea – Start fresh your mornings with a cup of green tea instead of coffee or just ordinary tea, to get fit and fresh all throughout the day. It helps in digestion and detoxifying body .


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2. Milk with Honey – Take a glass of warm milk and add a teaspoon of honey in it to get back the natural glow of skin , and to lose weight naturally.

3. Holy Basil & Clove – Dissolve 6 holy basil leaves and 2 cloves in water , sieve this solution in morning and drink empty stomach , it will help in eliminating all the toxins of body and also eliminates impurities of blood.

4. Fenugreek seeds – Dissolve Fenugreek seeds in water during the night then sieve it in the morning, drink this solution for good health, curing diabetes as well.

5. Fruit Juice – Drink orange, apple, papaya and other kinds of fruit juices to help in improving health.

Homemade Face Scrub

1. Take some wheat flour and mix milk cream and rose water in this, after mixing it apply and scrub your facial skin with this, then wash to get glowing and soft skin.ID-100191870

2. Take a radish and grate it finely and apply over face and scrub slowly , the mild bleaching agents present in it would make your skin glowing and fresh.

3. Take some Oatmeal and egg white , make a paste of these and apply over face for 15 minutes and then wash .

4. take two teaspoon of honey and a half ripe banana in a bowl, mix some curd in this and mix the paste well, and apply over face and neck . leave for a few minutes then wash.

5. Take lemon and sugar crystals in a bowl and mix , now keep scrubbing your face , neck and hands with this to get the most freshest skin . (don’t overdo, it can also cause rashes or redness if you have really sensitive skin ). 

6. Rub a Black grape cut into halve over your face, leave it for few minutes then wash it will leave skin clean and glowing.

Fight Pimples

Pimples have dominated our life since teenage unto adulthood. And since we keep trying everything in the marketID-10065213 that is available, things get out of hand and more complicated with age.

Still Pimples are such a hormonal curse for life, they don’t easily go away, so people go to doctors, get medications and become more “hormonally imbalanced ” :-8 . Not to mention here, that school, college, work  and social life gets affected, too and we develop stress , anxiety and feel lack of confidence in socializing.

Well Relax as there are really some very easy home remedies to get rid of this problem, which helps in clearing facial complexion and doing away with pimples.

A. Pimples –

 1. Make a paste of Charoli ( Chiraunji ) seeds with rose water and apply over the face, this will  help in getting rid of pimples.

2. Take 2 almonds, 2 teaspoon milk and 1 teaspoon powder of dried orange peels , make a paste  of all this and apply over the face slowly slowly rubbing it over pimples.

3. If possible apply Neem leaves ( Indica ) paste over your face or Chew 2 or 4 neem leaves.

4. Keep your face clean washing it with only water, don’t regularly use face wash or soaps. Instead use milk or lemon juice to cleanse face, because they are chemicals that make your pores open and then these pores get filled with oil and dirt causing more pimples.

5. Massage your face with olive oil then wash with cold water.ID-10011399

6. Make powder of  pomegranate peels mixed with rose water or lime juice and apply as a face-pack for soothing pimples.

7. Massage with Ice cubes on your face regularly after coming back home and Apply fresh aloe vera gel .

8. The powder of Manjeeshta roots ( Indian madder/ Rubia cordifolia) can be mixed with ghee and applied over pimples to get relief.

Skin Brightening – 

ID-100297861. Make powder of dry Orange peels , mix it with rose water and sandalwood powder (chandan ) aaply over face to get flawless glow.

2. Soak half teaspoon of Charoli ( chiraunji ) seeds  in 2 tablespoon of milk, for 1 hour, then grind it into a fine paste with help of Sil batta  or  roller pin,  then apply over face, keep it for fifteen minutes then wash, to get glowing skin.

3. Take 50 grams of Manjeeshtha ( Indian Madder or Rubia cordifolia ) ,  Haldi ( turmeric) and chiraunji (charoli ) seeds and grind them separately into a fine powder base. Now take 1 teaspoon of each now mix 1 teaspoon of calamine powder, half teaspoon honey, some drops of lemon juice, and rose water. Now make all into a paste and apply it on face, neck and arms. After some time wash it with warm water . Do this 2 times in a week to get fair complexion and glowing skin.

Banana : Health Benefits

Banana is one fruit which is available almost in all seasons, very healthy , cheap and moreover good in taste.

Banana has many qualities which includes many remedial and health benefits as discussed below :Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

1. Regular intake of banana helps in eliminating lack of sleep , acidity and even if you have problems like itching or burning sensation while urinating.

2. People who feel mentally disturbed lack serotonin hormone, banana helps in completing this lack of serotonin hormone and thereby improving mental health.

3. Banana helps in improving and increasing kids weight and health, if given with milk it adds more value.

4. Banana helps cure stomach ulcers and is the only fruit that can be given to the people who have stomach ulcers.

5. It even helps in curing mouth ulcers. Mix a banana in half cup cow’s milk and add cardamom powder to this. Lick this 2 to 3 times in a day. it will help cure mouth ulcers.

6. It even helps in curing itching , burns boils and skin problems pertaining to eczema disease. For this Use and Ripe banana mix it with lemon juice and apply on the effected area.

7. You can also apply Banana face pack to get that smooth , soft and glowing skin.