Coriander Leaves & Seed Remedies

Uses of Coriander Leaves and seeds to cure many diseases.

1. Eye Infections (redness & itching) – Make juice from fresh leaves of coriander and mix it with raw milk . Put 1-1 drop in each eye to get rid of itching,burning and redness of eyes.

2. Body itch & rash – Apply paste made from fresh coriander leaves on the affected rash area for immediate relief.

3. Hemorrhoids  Boil Coriander seeds in water and sieve it add crystallized sugar (misri) in this and drink it for 2 months to get relief in hemorrhoids. 

4. Urine Infection & Slow Urine in old age –  Make paste of coriander seeds and boil it for long , sieve it and drink this solution after cooling to help cure urine infections and make urine pass easily.

5. Nose Bleeding – Smell fresh coriander leaves till 5 minutes to stop nose bleeding.

6. Bad Breath – Take 4 coriander seeds and misri , chew this to control bad breath. 

7. Stomach Ache – Mix 2 drops of coriander oil in holy basil leaves ( tulsi ) and chew it to get relief in stomach ache.

8. Pitta ( Bile ) & Vomiting – Drink 1 tablespoon of Coriander juice to get relief in pitta vikar, diseases related to bile and in vomiting.

Cinnamon Home Remedies

Cinnamon as known as Dalchini is a famous Indian Spice that is used in cooking as well as as incorporated in various medicinal home remedies for various diseases.

Image courtesy of TeddyBear[Picnic] /
Image courtesy of TeddyBear[Picnic] /
1. Gas Troubles –  Use 5 – 6 drops of Cinnamon Oil mixed in 3 grams of sugar during morning, afternoon, evening and night before sleeping till 7 days to get rid of all gas troubles of stomach.

2. Toothache –  Apply Cotton swab dipped in Cinnamon oil on the affected tooth to get relief in toothache.

3. Cold – Mix few drops of cinnamon oil in crushed sugar to get immediate relief in cold.

4. Stomach Problems – Massage over stomach and around belly and abdomen with Cinnamon oil to get relief in pain.

5. Indigestion – In a bowl mix Cinnamon, Cardamon and Saunth (dried Ginger powder) Half grams each and sieve it to get soft powder using cotton cloth , intake this powder before meals to help get relief in indigestion.

6. Flu – Take 10 grams of Cinnamon, 4 cloves, 2 pinch of saunth , sieve it in a cloth making a powder , now boil this in 2 liters of water till it remains 1/4th of the solution . Now separate this solution into 6 equal portions and take 3 times a day till 2 days to get complete relief in flu.


Gastric Problems

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We all have stomach related many problems , but from all of them the one that effects us most is the Gas troubles . there are plenty of simple home cures available to get relief from all Gas related stomach problems.

1. Take 5 tbsp of Ginger juice, 5 tbsp lemon juice and mix it in lahori salt (lahori namak / rock salt) and store it in a glass bottle and keep in sun for 3 days . Take this solution 1 small tbsp during day and night 15 minutes before breakfast and dinner .It helps in creating better hunger, digestion and clearing stomach gas.

2. Make powder of Rock salt, Ajwain (carom seeds)  and Saunf each 10 grams and store in a bottle . Take 1 gram churan (powder) everyday before breakfast and dinner with water. It helps in digestion and curing gas and even eliminating gas problems.

3. Soak 50 grams Chana (black chickpea) and 10 grams raisins (kishmish or munakka) in a glass of water overnight to swell, Chew 1 -1 chana and raisin as breakfast and finish it whole and drink the water where these were soaked in overnight. It is also helpful in lower blood pressure, giving strength to body and resolve gastric issues.

4. Drink fresh water in early morning before going  toilet. Avoid heavy and spicy food that is full of chilly and spices. Also avoid fried and oily food to prevent gastric and digestion problems.

Mint Leaves Treat

The most coolest Mint is used in a variety of things, from chutneys to chewing gum, mint is loved and used by everyone. Few of us are aware about its medicinal value in treating most common diseases like.

1. Cholera – Mixing Onion and Lemon juice in equal quantities in mint leaves juice immediately relieves of vomiting, loose motion and cholera.ID-100145548

2. Stomach ache – Mix Cumin seeds powder, lemon juice, salt, Black pepper powder ( kalimirch )and asafoetida (hing) in 3 grams of Mint juice  and some warm water to get relief in stomach ache.

3. Fever – Boil mint leaves in water and mix sugar in it and drink like tea to cure fever.

4. Diarrhea – Grind Mint leaves with honey and take this 3 times a day to treat diarrhea.

5. For Less Pain in Delivery – Drinking mint leaves juice helps in easing baby delivery.

Health Full of Radish

  1. For Strong Bones – Eating radish helps in making teeth, gums, and bones stronger.
  2. Lethargy – Regular intake of radish helps to do away with lethargy and even help in getting a good night sleep.ID-100236022
  3. Jaundice – Having Fresh radish helps in curing Jaundice and even provides energy to the patient.
  4. Urine Infection – Drinking Radish juice helps in curing all kinds of Urine infections.
  5. Increase Hemoglobin – Mix Pomegranate juice in radish juice and drink this to increase hemoglobin.
  6. Whitening Teeth – Massage teeth with radish slices dipped in lemon juice to remove yellowness of teeth and whiten them.
  7. Relief in Pyorrhea – Gargle with Radish juice 2 to 3 time a day and drink the juice to help in curing pyorrhea.
  8. Constipation – Put some salt and lemon juice over radish and chew it in morning to help in relieving constipation.
  9. Stomach Ache – Drink radish juice mixed with lemon juice to immediately get relive in stomach ache.
  10. Weight loss –Drink radish juice mixed with lemon juice and little salt everyday to reduce weight.
  11. Bad Breath –Chew the Leaves of radish daily by sprinkling some black salt ( sendha namak )over them to eliminate bad breath.

Banana Benefits

Banana is one fruit which is liked by everyone, apart from being sweet and tasty it has got many health benefits and can be used in curing a variety of health diseases.

1. Heart Pain – Mash 2 banana’s with 5 tablespoon of honey , eat this slowly to do away with heart pain.

2. Urinary Problems – Mix small amount of Ghee or Butter in banana stem juice , lick this solution with spoon or fingers , it will help in passing urine easily .

3. White Discharge –  Eat 2 banana’s and drink 250 grams of milk after that lick 2 teaspoon of honey, continue this for sometime to stop white discharge forever.ID-10092440

4. Acidity – Mix powder of two cardamons in 2 banana’s and eat them regularly to cure acidity. 

5. Stomach Problems – Eat Banana everyday to make stomach and digestion more smooth .

6. Injuries – Mix banana with wheat flour and cover the wound with this spread , it will heal immediately.

7. Skin Problems – Mix some lemon juice with banana and apply this paste over the affected area to cure skin problems.

8. Swelling – Eating banana helps recover body from any kind of internal or external  swelling .

9 . Induces Growth of Sperms – Eating 4 to 5 banana makes body healthy and even induces the growth of sperms in males.