Health Honey

1. Cough : Honey, particularly buckwheat honey, helps relieve cough and helps ease discomfort and dryness.

2. Immunity against Seasonal Allergies: Raw and unfiltered honey contains floral flavonoids and is an excellent remedy for improving your immunity against allergies (especially against pollens) and asthma.

3. Diabetics Food: Honey has a low hypoglycemic index and contains simple sugars, fructose and glucose that are released slowly into the blood stream, helping the body regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

Image courtesy of vudhikrai /

Image courtesy of vudhikrai /

4. Brain Benefits: Honey is a quick brain refreshment, prevents brain damage, and provides a calm and soothing effect to ease anxiety and depression.

5. Treats Stomach Disorders: Honey’s antibacterial properties prevent bacterial build up in the upper and lower Gastrointestinal tracts and helps treat its disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis.

6. Boosts Stamina: Honey is composed of glucose and fructose carbohydrates which are quickly absorbed giving instant energy, helping overcome fatigue.

7. Aids Weight Loss: Honey contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and 22 amino acids that increase metabolism, dissolve cholesterol and burn fats in the body thereby preventing obesity.

8. Heals Wounds and Burns: Honey contains Hydrogen peroxide which absorbs all the dirt and fluids from the wound, stopping the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. The drying effect of the simple sugars (glucose) and honey’s anti-bacterial nature combine to heal open wounds, especially burn wounds, and reduce scarring tissue. Honey also has anti-inflammatory, reducing pain.

9. During Pregnancy: Honey is able to strengthen a weak fetus in mother’s womb. Syrupy fluid also builds pregnant women stamina and infant health during pregnancy.

10. Infant Food: It supports infants’ neural development and provides nutrients essential for the brain and body.

11. Best Skin Care: The osmotic property of honey attributes to its anti-bacterial property and acts as a perfect skin and hair conditioner. It anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties help cure acne and blemishes.

Banana : Health Benefits

Banana is one fruit which is available almost in all seasons, very healthy , cheap and moreover good in taste.

Banana has many qualities which includes many remedial and health benefits as discussed below :Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

1. Regular intake of banana helps in eliminating lack of sleep , acidity and even if you have problems like itching or burning sensation while urinating.

2. People who feel mentally disturbed lack serotonin hormone, banana helps in completing this lack of serotonin hormone and thereby improving mental health.

3. Banana helps in improving and increasing kids weight and health, if given with milk it adds more value.

4. Banana helps cure stomach ulcers and is the only fruit that can be given to the people who have stomach ulcers.

5. It even helps in curing mouth ulcers. Mix a banana in half cup cow’s milk and add cardamom powder to this. Lick this 2 to 3 times in a day. it will help cure mouth ulcers.

6. It even helps in curing itching , burns boils and skin problems pertaining to eczema disease. For this Use and Ripe banana mix it with lemon juice and apply on the effected area.

7. You can also apply Banana face pack to get that smooth , soft and glowing skin.