Best Skin Care Recipes

Facial Skin Care home made packs for Oily, dry and problem skin.

1. Make powder of dried lemon peels and orange peels and grind them finely, mix it with Turmeric powder , Gram flour (besan), ID-100214223rose water and few raw milk drops , Mix it all well and apply on face and neck and remove it before it gets dried through gentle scrubbing.

2. Make pulp of Papaya fruit and apply over face and neck to remove tanning.

3. If there are small depressions on face then make paste of rice flour in raw milk and apply on face . repeat this thrice in a week and you will see the difference in a months time, the skin would look more even and clean.

4. If your skin is dry then you must add milk cream or olive oil in your face pack.

5. The best remedy for Glowing skin is make slices of cucumber and dip them in olive oil in the morning , leave it for the day and apply this before going to bed , massaging over face neck and arms . Do not wash it , and sleep with this application. wash it with cold water in the morning to get glowing skin.

6. Leave soap or face wash for skin, just apply olive oil mixed with Gram flour and turmeric powder everyday to get nourishing and glowing skin.

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