For Beautiful Tresses

Just follow the remedies below :

1. Take one tablespoon of Trifala Powder everyday to grow back hair.

2. Mix Neem ( Indica ) leaves with Ber leaves , grind it with water and apply over hair in scalps and leave for 2 to 3 hours, then wash, it will help lessen hair fall.

3. Apply Garlic Juice over the scalps to grow hair back .Image courtesy of marin /

4. Grind Pumpkin seeds with Ber fruit seeds, mix them in equal amounts

and apply in hair roots , this will make hair long and strong.

5. Mix Acacia Concinna  (Shikakai) with Indian Gooseberry (Amla )about 25 grams each and grind it and store. Take some of this and dissolve it in 500 grams of water and keep it overnight . Sieve this mixture in a soft cotton cloth and massage hair with this water. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes then wash . Apply coconut oil after washing to make hair soft and long .

6. Eat Raw Indian Gooseberry ( amla) for long and beautiful hair growth.



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